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ĢƵ Foundation celebrates 10 years of giving back

Employees donating their time, talent and energy for a multitude of worthwhile causes.

We believe our main duty is operating responsibly toward our people, our clients, our communities, and our environment

Since our beginning, ĢƵ has embraced the responsibility to serve and improve the communities in which we live and work. This means not only protecting and preserving the environment but also enhancing the lives of our neighbors. We think of it as creating the architecture for a better world.

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Foundation for giving

The ĢƵ Foundation is our vehicle for giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our employees devote thousands of hours every year, donating their time, talent and energy to many worthwhile causes. From annual fundraisers to an employee grant-matching program, ours is a culture of paying it forward in all we do.

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Green in more ways than one

We understand that sustainability is more than LEED certification. We implement sustainable practices that reduce expenses for our clients, and reduce our carbon footprint for future generations.

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Building up those who build our business

Because our people are the lifeblood of our company, we foster a safe, diverse and supportive working environment where teamwork and work-life balance are valued. By offering access to continuing education and training, we encourage employees to achieve career fulfillment and success during their time with us, which is often decades.

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Putting clients interests first

When it comes to our clients, we’re invested for the long haul. We enjoy providing solutions that not only maximize returns today, but also add value for years to come. We’ll continue to maintain our long-term relationships through ethical and sustainable practices that deliver payback.

Helping communities thrive by encouraging volunteerism

At ĢƵ, we pride ourselves on constructing more than just world-class buildings. ĢƵ employees form the heart of the ĢƵ Foundation, donating their time, talent and energy for a variety of worthwhile causes across the Jacksonville area and beyond. We encourage employees to make volunteering a family affair, creating ways for their entire family to participate in giving back.

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ĢƵ Foundation Volunteerism

The ĢƵ Academy of Engineering

The future of our profession, and of our children, is something ĢƵ holds dear. That’s why we formed a partnership with Allen D. Nease High School to establish the ĢƵ Academy of Engineering.

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Academy Engineering
Flagler Healthcare Foundation
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