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6 Must-Have Design Technology Tools for your Food Plant Project

Is the AEC firm you're hiring using these cutting-edge design tools?

Conceptual design using scaled models

During the strategic planning process, ĢƵ works closely with clients to create clear and compelling drawings, plans, and layouts that communicate ideas and goals to all levels of an organization. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, ĢƵ can rapidly produce and modify scaled models that can be adjusted based on client feedback. Once all stakeholders are satisfied with the plan, ĢƵ's initial concepts serve as the foundation for detailed development.

  • Building functionality
  • Budget
  • Site location, size restrictions, code restrictions
  • Client’s desired branding
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Need Design Options? Think Design-Decide

Traditional thinking says to hire an architecture and engineering (A&E) firm for design and hire a design-builder for design-build. But what if we told you that a design-build firm can offer you a more accurate, real-world design and greater flexibility in the design process?

Design-decide may be the game-changer you didn’t know you needed.

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ĢƵ’s Virtual Reality Technology

Matthew Warner, Design Project Manager at ĢƵ, describes the value of virtual reality technology in the firm's design process.

Video Virtual Reality Technology
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