Ilima Swimming Pool Complex

Honolulu, Hawaii
Project Size
2.5 Acres
Completion Year
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Awards and Recognition

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Excellence in Construction Pyramid Award

ABC Florida First Coast

To bring Hawaiian culture and aesthetics to life, the entrance of the pool complex is framed by cascading waterfalls down lava rock walls with fire bowls and pillars adorned with gas tiki torches outlining the perimeter. Designed like a Hawaiian War Club, white fabric awnings make up the shark's teeth and brick pavers pave the way. In the center, stands the majestic Esmeralda, the hotel's renowned Indian banyan tree. Despite two hurricanes and a major storm, the entire renovation was finished on time and part of a larger effort to rejuvenate the 1970s-built Hale Koa Hotel. Alongside the pool upgrades, ĢƵ modernized the hotel's parking garage and changed the roofing throughout the property.

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